"Where beautiful dreams come true."

(Beautiful Dream)

Built Approx. 1900

Thank you for choosing Beau Rêve for your dining pleasure.  I would like to give you a little history on the home as well as how I have become part of this “Beautiful Dream.”  Was it coincidence or was it fate?  A home that was originally located on Sabine Pass Avenue in Beaumont, Texas  would become my home, a native of Sabine Pass, Texas.

 On June 16, 1987, the main house made her maiden voyage by barge down the Neches River from Sabine Pass Avenue in Beaumont, Texas to 4400 Atlantic Road Port Arthur, Texas.  Originally slated for destruction, Dave and Ilene Gisselberg chose to save the house instead.  Coming down the Neches, the voyage created a lot of public attention, garnering front page coverage in the local newspapers, and sparking the remark that Dave had given new meaning to the word “houseboat.”

 The home was in poor condition and took the Gisselbergs three years to restore much of the original floor plan, uncovering the six fireplaces and replacing the missing mantels with mantels purchased in Mississippi.

 Research is ongoing at this time to uncover the original owners and their reason to build such a grand structure of over 6200 s. f. and standing 49’8” tall.  Research has revealed that at the time of the construction, plans were being made to connect all of Southeast Texas’ major shipping ports and to build a railroad from Beaumont to Sabine Pass due to the Spindletop Oil Boom in 1901.

 In 2005, much of Southeast Texas  was changed forever.  With Sabine Pass being one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Rita.

 Being a lifelong resident of Sabine Pass and a business owner there for 20 years, I lost my family home and my business.  After thirteen months, and with dogged determination, I was able to rebuild my business but my family home was gone forever.

At the suggestion of  a friend  I decided to take a look  at a house that was for sale at 4400 Atlantic Road . The house was also left in shambles from Hurricane Rita.  Even with all of the damage there was something that drew me in, and I knew this would be my new home. I was further convinced of that when finding an envelope lying on the floor addressed: “Attention - Becky.”  In 2006  I was finally able to purchase the home.

 In 2008, Southeast Texas again faced even more devastation than before when Hurricane Ike came ashore, leaving many people homeless and their livelihoods shattered, with no hope of rebuilding. I knew then that I had to turn my  focus to the future, nurturing a dream of transforming this grand property into not just my home but also a business. I spent the next two years renovating and with the help of friends and family brought the house back to its former glory. 

 Was this all coincidental?  An act of nature? Or, merely the passage of time? Or, perhaps, just two separate individuals sharing the same dream, connected through place and time? 

 In 2010 paranormal investigators contacted me about doing an investigation. Guests and family alike had before mentioned a “little girl in a white dress” and  a friend’s picture taken on the front staircase clearly shows we are not alone. An investigation might reveal more information. Are our ethereal  guest here to host a special meeting or a social affair?  Could the ladies in the beautiful ball gowns be your hostesses for the evening? Or  maybe the little boy in the mirror would like to be in your photos?  Perhaps the staff you often hear moving furniture on the second floor  are preparing for your special event?  Their connection to the home is still unknown but it is  my belief  that the “house”  has finally come full circle in its existence, offering one of Southeast Texas’ most historical  and spirited venues, aptly named “Beau Rêve.”

 Thank you for sharing in my “Beautiful Dream” and if you should cross the path of one of our honored guests, please take the time to say “Hello.” They’ve been  busy preparing for your visit.

Becky Bellard


Friday 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
(Open Dining)

Saturday 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
(Reservations preferred but not required.)

Private Dining Available 
For groups of 16 or more, private dining is available Monday through Saturday.

Catering all Special Events, Holiday Parties, Meetings and Retreats. Onsite or delivered.


4400 Atlantic Road

Port Arthur, Texas 77642


Please Call for Reservations: (409) 962-2422
Please DO NOT use the email link to make reservations.

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